A dabbler of childish verses

Well, it's finally happened ... our baby has arrived!

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to write a book.  I received a good education but I wasn't raised to be fancy, nor to use big words.  As such, I figured if I was to write a book it would have to be for children.  The topic, however, proved to be elusive until I rescued a sick kitten.  As 'Billie T' grew into a healthy cat she developed a most quirky personality.  I'd found my subject.  The search was now on to find an illustrator.  

I met my baby daddy at the gym.  Danny was my personal trainer, but despite his best efforts I failed him badly.  Danny also happened to be a creative genius, and his edgy art caught my attention.  So much so, that on 3rd April 2019 I sent Danny a verse and asked him to draw to it.  I knew my search for an illustrator was over the moment I received his response.

It's the most unlikely of unions - Danny is fit; I'm fat.  Danny is young-ish; I'm not.  Danny's skin is a work of art; mine is not (unless you consider wrinkles and sun-damage to be art).  I like to be organised well in advance; Danny works better under pressure.  The list goes on, yet despite our differences, we work well together.  We're the perfect example of yin and yang.

Danny has every right to call himself an illustrator, but I'm struggling with my identity.  For fear of offending all other writers of children's books, I don't identify with being an author.  In my mind, authors are serious people who write serious words.  I think of myself more as a dabbler of childish verses.

It's been quite the ride, and I'm knackered, but our labour of love has produced four children's picture books that we're stupidly proud of. 

The bucket list has been well and truly ticked!